Community Committees

Great Ocean Road Health run two community committees across our catchment area.

Community Advisory Committee – Apollo Bay campus

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of local volunteers, Board Members, the leader of Marrar Woorn Neighbourhood House, and representatives from the Apollo Bay and District Health Foundation. It’s purpose is to obtain first hand news, information, feedback, ideas and suggestions directly from consumers.

Community representatives from the OHCAC go out into the community and hear from individuals and families about their opinions and expectations of Otway Health, and report directly to the CAC on a bi-monthly basis to raise issues, awareness and recommendations for the Otway Health Board to consider. From here, the Board works in conjunction with consumer recommendations to create action plans that target consumer needs and provide solutions.

Email: CAC.OH@gorh.vic.gov.au

Community Advisory Committee – Lorne campus

Great Ocean Road Health (GORH) provides a range of health services within a large catchment area extending from Lavers Hill to Aireys Inlet, including the hinterland townships of Deans Marsh and Forrest and the coastal towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay, as well as many other small townships in between. There are two hospital campuses, including urgent care, acute wards, medical centres and aged care facilities, in Lorne and Apollo Bay.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) – Lorne Campus is a committee of the Great Ocean Road Health Board. This committee seeks to advocate to the Board on behalf of the community, consumers and carers, and to provide direction and leadership in relation to the integration of community views into the local health service. The committee also advises the health service on the sufficiency of community engagement and participation across GORH.

The CAC comprises at least two board members, GORH staff, a representative of the Lorne Op Shop, and community representatives from the catchment area of Lorne, Deans Marsh, Aireys Inlet and Wye River.

The CAC meets 4 to 5 times per year, and in addition, conducts community consultations with the wider community from time to time. Community consultation dates and themes will be published to the broader community and participation in these forums is encouraged.

Email: clc@gorh.vic.gov.au