Great Ocean Road Health Lorne & Apollo Bay Campus


The purpose of the graduate programs at GORH Lorne and Apollo Bay campus and Barwon Health is to provide a professional development program for Graduate Nurses that supports and fosters professional independence for the beginner practitioner.

The program is based upon a model of skill and professional development that enables the graduate to move along a continuum toward independent practice. The role of the support staff is to guide clinical learning and skill acquisition, and to promote reflective practice in the clinical setting. Self-directed learning and continued professional development are expected throughout the program. A problem-solving approach to clinical decision making is fostered with the graduate adopting accountability and responsibility for their practice with the ability to recognise their individual limitations. Graduates will be provided with the opportunity for personal and professional development of interpersonal, clinical and leadership skills.


About the Graduate Nurse Program

Graduates enrolled in the current Registered Nurse Graduate Program undertake 6 months of training at both Barwon Health and the GORH (Lorne and Apollo Bay campus) over a 12 month period. While working with GORH, we aim to develop our graduate to work effectively in each of our departments by offering experience, mentoring and guidance. Our clinical team have regular in house education sessions as well as access to shared education with Colac Area Health, Hesse Rural Health and sessions run by the EMET team at University Hospital.

Great Ocean Road Health also has an extensive array of online learning opportunities including the Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program offered through Alfred Health.

Recruitment Process

Applications for 2023 graduate programs open on Monday 17 July and close on Wednesday, 9  August 2023. It is important to remember that late applications will not be accepted.



Fees Apply

See program details for costs.