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With the strain of the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the community and staff isolating or recovering from the virus, Great Ocean Road Health (GORH) called upon their dedicated volunteers to assist.

A number of GORH Board members heard about the ‘call-out’ and offered to lend a helping hand at the vaccination clinics. From greeting community members on arrival, checking in and directing people on where to go, the Board members have been required to hit the ground running.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” said Rob Knowles, GORH Board member. “The overwhelming response from the clients at the vaccination clinics has been positive and very appreciative of GORH and its staff. From my perspective, it has enabled me to observe closely the dedication and professionalism of our staff. Even when the odd complaint or criticism has been made, the response was always polite and professional.”

Great Ocean Road Health CEO, Sandy Chamberlin acknowledged the important contribution of our volunteers.

“Running vaccination clinics during the peak of our already busy tourist season has been challenging. Our medical centre staff have achieved an incredible milestone of vaccinating nearly 9,000 people in our rural catchment area to date. This figure would not have been achieved, without the support of our volunteers. We cannot thank you enough for your contribution to helping us keep our community safe, protected and well informed.”