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A new logo was launched Monday July 1st 2019, to symbolise the coming together of Otway Health and Lorne Community Hospital, under our new umbrella entity, Great Ocean Road Health.

When designing the branding of our entity, we were looking for a simple and classic design with a strong health focus. With many ‘GREAT OCEAN ROAD’ brands in existence along the Surf Coast, it was important to get visual separation with the main point of difference being HEALTH.

‘GREAT HEALTH’ is outcome focused and a call to action. Drawing from our existing medical centre logos, the coloured dots have been strategically placed at the centre of a ‘cluster’ element. This positioning places Great Ocean Road Health at the centre of its community’s health services and outcomes. The radiating dots reflect a growing network as Great Ocean Road Health will work throughout a large region that encompasses communities on the coast and throughout the Otways.  The dots are connected to each other visually by their uniform structure to reflect connection. This symbolises the connection between Great Ocean Road Health and the community it serves.