Great Ocean Road Health - Otway Health Check

Fortnighlty radio show live from Apollo Bay, presented by Chamber of Commerce president, Bob Knowles who chats with members of Great Ocean Road Staff about all the latest news and events.

Great Ocean Road Health - Virtual Hike Podcast. 18/08/2020

Campbell Craig, Exercise Physiologist, talks about the Great Ocean Road Health Virtual Hike. The ‘hike’ will take us from Pt Impossible to the Twelve Apostles. To find out more information click here and to listen to the podcast click below. 

CEO, Sandy Chamberlin - Health Check Podcast. 30/06/2020

Sandy Chamberlain is the CEO at Great Ocean Road Health and as such, she will drive the future shape of  Apollo Bay’s many Health and Medical services as well as those in Lorne. She is no stranger to the challenges presented by rural, remote health provision across different sites so the future looks bright for both communities on that score. This is the latest podcast from The Apollo Bay radio show, Health Check. 

Chatting with Director of Nursing, Libby Van Leeuwen

Great Ocean Road Health’s new  Director of Nursing, Libby Van Leeuwen chats about the role, her background and her hopes for the next few years. 

Advanced Care planning podcast 18/08/2020

I life well lived is a life well planned, listen to Community Nurse, Liz Forrester, speak about starting the coversation about advanced care planning. 

Acting CEO, Carissa Brock & her Busy Team

It’s been a very busy time at the newly amalgamated Great Otway Health. Acting CEO Carissa Brock and her team have  been “as-busy-as-a-beehive” with a cyber attack, a bus crash and the usual pre-summer demands while bedding in all the new procedures and arrangements between Apollo Bay and Lorne.  

She talks to Bob Knowles about the current state of play.