Advanced Care Planning

GREAT Advanced Care Planning

This service has consultants who can assist you to prepare an Advance Care Plan. If you were to be seriously ill, would your family be aware of your wishes?

They might need to make decisions about intensive care and medical procedures. An Advanced Care Plan allows you to express your choices for future healthcare and ensures they are respected.

Advanced Care Planning, let’s start the conversation.

We often make plans in advance for many aspects of our lives such as retiring from work, the location of our next holiday and home renovations, yet we don’t often consider the care we may wish to receive toward the end of our lives. If you had a medical emergency and couldn’t speak for yourself, who would speak for you and make the decisions about your care? Would they know what to do?
Advanced Care Planning is a process designed to help you think about and plan for future health care; specifically for a time in which you may no longer be able to communicate your preferences due to deteriorating health, an accident or sudden illness. Your values, beliefs, goals and preferences help to guide future care, including how decisions are made and by whom.
If you would like further information for yourself or a loved one about Advanced Care Planning, please contact the Lorne campus on 5289 4300 or Apollo Bay campus on 5237 8500.