Alcohol and Drug Recovery

GREAT Alcohol and Drug Recovery

The Alcohol and Drug Recovery program will partner with both our Lorne Campus,  Apollo Bay Campus and Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery Inc. to provide recovery services through Telehealth technology either on site at the Hospital or potentially in the comfort of the client’s own home depending on accessibility.

Clients can engage in recovery either through self-identification, referral or community order.

This personalised model will include a continual loop of care between General Practitioners, community nurses and care coordinators with the recovery services providing a wrap-around service for each client. As this model becomes integrated into our care practices, Lorne Campus, Apollo Bay Campus and Windana will explore what other services can be offered through this channel, including professional development services to on-site staff to increase service capacity.

For further information contact the Lorne campus on 5289 4300 or Apollo Bay campus on 5237 8500.