Great Procurement

Great Ocean Road Health aims to ensure that all procurement activities are conducted according to procedure in an open and fair manner, represent value for money and occur without bias, favour or prejudice.

All staff involved in procurement activities are governed by Great Ocean Road Health’s Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct to ensure fairness in our dealings with suppliers.

Complaints are valued by Great Ocean Road Health as they help improve its policies, systems and service delivery.

If you feel that you have not been treated fairly in relation to a procurement activity undertaken by Great Ocean Road Health, it is recommended that in the first instance, you attempt to resolve the issue through direct dialogue with the Great Ocean Road Health staff member responsible for the activity.

If the issue cannot be resolved through dialogue, you can lodge a formal complaint which must be submitted in writing to the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO);

  • by Letter to Chief Procurement Officer, Great Ocean Road Health, Albert Street, LORNE 3232.
  • by e-mail to sandy.chamberlin@gorh.vic.gov.au; or
  • by Fax to 03 5289 2313

The written complaint must set out:

  • the basis for the complaint (specifying the issues involved);
  • how the circumstances relating to the complaint (and the specific issues) affect you or your organisation;
  • any relevant background information; and
  • the expected corrective outcome.

There is no financial charge for making a procurement complaint. All complaints will be treated as confidential and there will be no adverse repercussions for a complainant.

The CPO will allocate the complaint to an authorised staff member to investigate the complaint or to any other authorised staff member as deemed necessary. The CPO will ensure that any complaints received relating to a particular staff member are not investigated or responded to by that individual.

All complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner:

  • Formal complaints will be acknowledged within two working days;
  • In the majority of cases, investigation(s) are to be completed within thirty working days; and
  • If the investigation is anticipated to take longer than thirty working days, you will be notified of the likely response date.

The investigating officer may throughout the course of their investigation, be required to meet or make contact with you to either clarify any issues of seek further information.


For further information, please read the below document.

Annual Procurement Activity Plan 2022-2023