Property Maintenance

Great Property Maintenance

Great Ocean Road Health Property Maintenance service can assist you with minor repairs and maintenance around your home, where the tasks relate to your safety or security.


We come to your home and assist you with your property maintenance needs.


  • door repair or adjustment, including lock repair
  • installation of door bells
  • supply and fitting of key boxes and safes
  • gate repair or adjustment
  • replacing fuse wire
  • re-lighting pilot lights on gas heaters and hot water services
  • supply and replacement of low energy light globes
  • supply and fitting of magnetic door catches to hold door open
  • fitting smoke alarms, including changing batteries
  • replacement of tap washers (mixer taps not included)
  • de-mossing of pathways using a high water pressure cleaner
  • pruning of bushes (only if a safety issue is present)
  • supply and fitting of window locks, including window lock adjustment
  • adjust or repair sticking windows (window rot repair not included)
  • general ‘odd job’ repairs


Please contact your licensed tradesperson or maintenance specialist to perform any licensed property maintenance such as plumbing and electrical work, as well as gardening and mowing, large scale structural repairs, painting, concreting, tiling, rubbish removal and white goods repairs.