GORH Cycling


Great Ocean Road Cycling Club raising funds for Great Ocean Road Health –  to enhance the safety and quality of life in the Lorne and Apollo Bay community.

For over a decade, a number of cycling teams have used events like the GORC Classic and the Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay, as well as local sponsor support to raise funds for our local health service.

To coincide with the formation of Great Ocean Road Health in 2019, Great Ocean Road Cycling committed to strengthen this commitment.

Our 2021 program will fund a series of scholarships, which are uniquely designed to enhance the safety and quality of life along the Great Ocean Road.

List of scholarships;

  1. Safety and Quality Scholarship
  2. Case Management Scholarship
  3. Allied Health Assistant Scholarship
  4. Mental Health First Aid Scholarship
  5. Mental Health First Aid Scholarship
  6. Leadership Development Scholarship

For further information about our scholarships, events, how to join the club and donation link, head to GORH Cycling website

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