Vision, Mission & Values


Great care for our community.


To provide high quality care through the provision of a range of viable and integrated health, aged and community care services.


Integrity, Respect and Accountability


  • We strongly adhere to moral and ethical principals.
  • We act with sound moral character and honesty.
  • We earn trust through professional behaviour.
  • We are loyal to colleagues and the organisation.


  • We value the qualities, beliefs and abilities of individuals.
  • We have empathy and compassion.
  • We encourage, support and nourish self esteem.
  • We positively assist learning and development.


  • We are responsible for quality of care, services and teamwork.
  • We transparently report and explain.
  • We are answerable for the consequences resulting from our actions.

Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

Priority 1 – Providing Great Healthcare

To provide locally accessible, whole of life health care.

Priority 2 – Innovation and Technology

To be a technologically enabled community and health service.

Priority 3 – Achieving Business Sustainability

To take a strategic approach to financial and asset management that provides performance and sustainability

Priority 4 – Partnering with our Community

The organisation is highly visible, well connected and is well supported and integral to our community.