Residential Care

GREAT Residential Care

Great Ocean Road Health provides excellent aged care facilities that provide accommodation, respite, palliative care and rehabilitation.

Our services offer a range of options, depending on your health care needs. Located in facilities across two sites in Lorne and Apollo Bay, the two locations cater for up to 45 residents and offers high level care and a number of respite beds.

At each facility, a team of qualified, skilled and compassionate staff will work collaboratively with you to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Our Residential Aged Care program supports the best nurse/patient ratios in the Barwon South West region and the state, helping us achieve an above standard level of care.

Montessori Program


To ensure all clients who have dementia receive appropriate care to their current cognitive/physical functioning using a Montessori approach to care.

Target Audience

All clients who have dementia receive appropriate care and services to meet their needs. Staff are to treat each person as an individual and adapt to their needs no matter what level of cognitive function they may have.

About the Program

Both aged care sites implement the Montessori Program. Staff use the 12 Montessori Principles of Engagement to help support the residents daily activities. Activities are anything the resident may do from the time they wake to the time they settle – Social and Non Social.

The main aim of our approach to Dementia care is to ‘Engage’ and ‘Enable’ the resident. Nurses historically have been very good at providing and doing but after learning the 12 Principles of Montessori it has encouraged staff to engage and enable the resident more – for example rather than making the residents bed – getting the resident/s to assist with making the bed focusing on what they can do and using their strengths – from putting a pillow slip on to being able to do the whole thing – This gives the resident a sense of purpose. Staff are encouraged to use the principles to assist with more appropriate care for each individual resident.

The Montessori model of care is on the agenda with most Aged Care focused meetings. The home also has regular catch ups with all staff to discuss the Montessori Model – areas were it has been working well, opportunities for improvement, identifying new ideas/trends and recognition of staff work. These help drive the model of care and keep it working.

Apollo Bay Aged Care

There are two accommodation options to consider at our Apollo Bay aged care facility, and a member of our staff will be happy to show you around.


  • Choose between a single room or a shared room with a private or shared ensuite (subject to availability)
  • Electric height adjustable beds
  • TV aerial available in room and televisions are also available
  • Private telephone line can be installed and bedside telephones are also available
  • Free wi-fi available
  • Bring your own small furniture items, pictures, books, and ornaments


  • Residents lounge with comfortable arm chairs, library, television, DVD player and stereo
  • Kitchen access
  • Dining room
  • Outdoor area and garden complete with flowers, fruit trees, raised beds for vegetables, seating and a fish pond


All meals, including morning and afternoon tea are provided and served in the dining room.







Lorne Aged Care

Our Lorne aged care nursing home is a high level care facility with 20 long term high level care beds and one flexible respite bed, which can cater for high and low level care needs.


The home has a relaxed atmosphere with caring and motivated staff to manage each resident’s requirements. We offer a range of services from activities programs, physiotherapy, podiatry, dietician, speech therapy, palliative care and volunteer program to name a few.

Being a small facility has its benefits of a family like environment, which the residents feel secure and safe in.


Our facilities are excellent with a mixture of single and shared (double) rooms. Each room has its own en-suite. The facility also has a garden area, activities room and a balcony that overlooks the stunning Lorne bay and the Great Ocean road. Doctor services are provided through the general practice, which is on site, ensuring prompt care if required.


All meals, including morning and afternoon tea are provided and serviced in the dining room.



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