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Colac resident, Andrew Stoddart pictured below, received his first Pfizer vaccination at Apollo Bay after battling COVID for the last 11 months.

Andrew and his family’s journey is certainly a heartfelt one. When Andrew found out he tested COVID positive, three hours later he found himself in hospital. His wife and daughter also contracted the virus and were sent straight into isolation. Andrew would never have envisaged he would spend 84 days in hospital, including time in the Intensive Care Unit and an induced coma. Contracting COVID, suddenly became very real.

Today, the family are still dealing with the long COVID symptoms after the initial infection. Loss of taste and smell, fatigue and feeling unwell are only a few of the health issues the family deal with every single day.

Andrew’s story will hopefully inspire others to #getvaccinated. His message is clear…….don’t think you or your family are immune to the virus. It affects all age groups and has devastating effects for everyone involved. I am extremely lucky to have survived, all thanks to our wonderful health services and local community for their ongoing support.